YemYem Petroleum

Fuelled by tenacity and cutting-edge innovation, our extensive matrix management system
allows our clients real-time access to their shipment status at any time, thereby,
greatly reducing their supply chain risk. For high volume petroleum products,
Yem Yem Petroleum offers real fuel for thought.

Yem Yem Petroleum

YemYem Petroleum

For more information, or to speak to a Yem Yem Petroleum consultant, please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Yem Yem Petroleum
9 Kramer Road

Tel: +27 (0) 63 755 2176
email: enquiries@yemyem.co.za

Offering of products

Yem Yem Petroleum has established relationships with suppliers from the Middle East, West Africa, Eastern and Western Europe as well as Asia. These suppliers have the capacity to provide large volumes of petroleum, ensuring that our clients benefit from volume discounts.

Storage & Pipeline

With direct access to a reliable pipeline, Yem Yem Petroleum has set itself apart from all of the competitors in its category; by negotiating storage facilities linked this pipeline at both Cape Town and Durban ports. In addition, Yem Yem Petroleum is currently establishing one distinctive distribution network, which will accommodate the entire South African market.


At any given time, Yem Yem Petroleum has access to a storage capacity of up to 60 000 000L between Durban and Cape Town. As a result, Yem Yem not only prides itself in meeting the supply and demand of petroleum requirements, but also by playing a meaningful role in the security of petroleum in South Africa today.


Yem Yem has fine-tuned the science, art and management of logistics. We have aligned ourselves with local and international accredited logistic entities, in order to ensure all shipments over sea and land arrive on time. The fact that Yem Yem is currently developing a system to enable clients to monitor and track (in real-time) their own consignments, stands testimonial to Yem Yem Petroleum's ongoing commitment to mitigating the various risks associated with the importation and wholesaling of petroleum.


Yem Yem Petroleum's prices are BFP regulated and discounts are negotiated on volumes as well as other criteria.

Wholesale licence

To view Yem Yem Petroleum's certificate of confirmation and the wholesale licence, please click on the images below.

Wholesale Licence   Wholesale Licence